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October 2016 - This is my brother Jim painting the bottom of the fuselage. We had become frustrated with too many unknowns and technical problems, combined with a lack of experience with this particular paint. After sanding off paint several times, we knew that we needed help.

Jim's actual paint application time for two coats was probably 20 minutes total. Prep and cleanup took considerably longer.

We are grateful that Jim had the time to do this for us. He did an outstanding job!

In 2013, we discovered that we had oil in our compressor lines. Even a minuscule amount of oil in the paint can cause 'fish eye' on the painted surface. It took us a while to work this out, and again, Jim's knowledge proved valuable.

As a result, we replaced all of the compressor lines and also added two oil separators to the system: one at the compressor and another just before the compressor line enters the paint booth. After this problem was resolved, we painted several small pieces - the gear covers, as well as the gear legs. We decided to wait until Jim was available to tackle the fuselage again.

2/6/2018   Picture 164

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