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Big discovery! After working on the aileron control system for two other Velocities, and struggling to get sufficient aileron travel,Jerry* has realized that one critical element is to center the aileron cables at the bell crank (in the fuselage). For the system to work properly, both cables must have full travel in both directions; and any small maladjustment on this end results in a decrease in travel for the ailerons. � The system alignment has to occur with the heim joints (aka rose joints) at the whale tale end of the cables.

With the cables not attached to the whale-tale bell crank, we measured full travel on the cables at the wing root, then marked the travel half-way point on each cable. Then I climbed inside the plane. I adjusted the thread location of the heim joints at the whale tail with Linda outside. After each adjustment, I reattached the heim joints to the bell crank, then she moved the wing root bell cranks and reported the status of the half-way marks. When one aileron cable was at half travel, the other side would be short.

Eventually, we got the heim joints adjusted correctly on the threads. Now when the aileron cable system moves, the pilot and copilot sides synchronize at halfway in travel. This, in turn, allows full travel for both aileron cables at the extremes (both in and out).

For our aileron cables, full travel is just over 3.1".

*At this point, although Jerry is masterminding the physical tasks, I (Linda) am doing the bulk of the documentation. With a minor in literature, and a love of technical writing... it's a natural.

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