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The installation of the rudder cable tube in progress. The nylaflow tube was tacked into place with hot glue. We filled around the this tube with glass bubbles/microspheres and West Systems epoxy. We covered this with a layer of bid fiberglass.

Fortunately, Brett used the West Systems slow cure epoxy, rather than the fast. This step took three of us longer to complete than expected.

Note that the nylaflow is running through 3/8" aluminum tubing from the whale tail to the gear bulkhead. (See also Pictures 274 & 275) � Although not required in the builder's manual, many have had good success using aluminum tubing to span this section. We had 3/8" AN fittings, and we used those rather than structural at the gear bulkhead. In general, it seems like a strong and durable solution to us.

There was only one minor mishap with the glue gun, swiftly followed by curses from the cockpit. Perhaps a reminder to wear gloves when working with hot glue...

5/13/2018   Picture 272

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