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This photo represents more work than we would have guessed.

The structural epoxy which secures the stainless steel sheet to the firewall is partially in place. We mixed 160 grams (total) of structural epoxy, then mixed in milled fiber, cotton flox and cabosil. That was enough to do the perimeter of the firewall and one wing root.

We decided to try a pastry decorating bag to apply a structural bead, and it worked really well. However, our bead was too large. We'll provide more documentation tomorrow on the pastry bag application.

Inspired by Andy Millin's builder site, we decided to clean it all up. The application took 5 - 10 minutes. The cleanup, however, was more like 90 minutes. We used acetone to clean the messy edges, and we went though a lot of acetone. Perhaps our structural was too stiff...

5/20/2018   Picture 296

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