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Although we previously wrapped the landing gear in fiberglass, we've followed the factory's advice and wrapped it in carbon fiber. And... by the way, carbon fiber is treacherously sharp after the epoxy cures. Dang, those shards can hurt!

Notice the spaces for the bolt holes. We learned, the hard way, to make a dimple in the carbon fiber for each bolt hole after we applied the epoxy. This allows us to find the bolt hole later. The carbon fiber is too dense to allow light to penetrate.

Don't cut the peel ply too short when wrapping the leg - leave an inch or so sticking out. Because the carbon fiber is so treacherously sharp, cutting the peel ply short made it very difficult to remove, later.

Cutting off the excess fiberglass while the epoxy is still a bit soft - that's a good thing. Because the carbon fiber is so treacherously sharp...

Wear heavy gloves if you work with the carbon fiber after the epoxy has completely cured. Have we mentioned that carbon fiber is treacherously sharp???!

11/9/2006   Picture 3

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