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The edge of the glare shield wasn't 'square' in he cockpit, so we're adding fill along that lip. When the line is good, the edge will get rounded, and we'll apply a layer of deck cloth.

Lying on the counter are disposable pastry bags (a.k.a. decorating bags). There are two bags: I mixed the first batch of shmooey (West Systems fast cure ) a bit on the dry side, and then waited longer than I should have to apply it. The second application worked better. For this task, I used the pastry bag without a decorating tip - I just clipped the end of the bag and created a fairly wide stream. It's a learning process.

Many thanks to Andy for prodding me to update our builder’s log. I enjoy documenting our progress, and I’m happy that we’re current again.

1/30/2019   Picture 402

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