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So what have I done on 202VB since OSH, you might ask. While it doesn't seem like much, I have put a huge amount of time in addressing what I saw as a minor problem when I started. I knew that I wanted a 'real' NACA duct for the overhead plenum air duct. What I didn't realize is that when I looked at the way it worked, I would be thrown into another adventure.

I decoded that I just wasn't comfortable with a plenum that doesn't seem to be very efficient. It just dumps air into a box and hopes that the air goes where it needs to go. I think it also creates cooling issues and adds drag, since the air will stack up on the top of the fuselage, even if the outlets are wide open.

To address at least some of the issue, I sized the duct to match the flow and to then turn the air to make it go forward. I made the duct 3' wide with a 3/4' depth.

It took a lot of failure to address the many issues. Here you can see the three NACAs.

1/28/2009   Picture 66

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