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Meanwhile, we're making slow progress on the retract system wiring. Brett joined us on Saturday for another marathon wiring session, and we were grateful for his experience and insight. When he left, there were quite a few jumper connections, but everything was working.

As of yesterday, the gear retract subpanel, on the right, is fully wired. Here we have wires hanging loosely, but we'll create a single neat bundle that will run from the instrument panel to the connection board in the nose.

Linda's note: This is continuing education for me. Electricity seems more mysterious to me than flying. Did I mention how happy I am that Brett's working with us? I'm also grateful for Andy's ongoing support and advice.

In the software world, it was easy to jump into a project without proper planning. A quote from one of my projects in the 1990's was, 'First person to code... loses.' I'm reminded of this with our wiring project.

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