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The Dynon pitot with built-in angle of attack (AoA). This equipment is designed to be mounted below a wing; and the AoA sensor is located on the bottom of the pitot tube. If we mounted this in the standard Velocity position, under the canard, then the AoA wouldn't work. While the AoA is not critical on a canard aircraft (as it would be on an RV), we decided to take advantage of the information it provides.

In consultation with Scott Swing, I decided that if we can go straight out the nose, the AoA will work. Every other installation solution we discussed seemed more complicated than the nose solution. It will be a very tight fit in the nose, above the landing light housing.

The black piece at the bottom of the photo is a piece of aerodynamic tubing normally used to mount the pitot tube on a Velocity. We'll modify this to fit on the 'top' of the pitot tube. (See pic 572)

10/31/2022   Picture 570

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