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You know, sometimes you have one of those builder moments (as Andy - the Mayor of Velo City - likes to call them). I had finished the plumbing of the retract stuff and had just retrieved the camera when the sun shone through the skylight... and this is the picture.

I had really been wrestling with getting the plumbing done. It seemed that I did every stupid trick possible. I had flared more than one line without the sleeve. I had bent the line the wrong way. I had put the sleeves on both ends but forgot the nuts. I ran out of hose and had to order more. The order got lost. Each and every line seemed to take two hours.

So finally, it was all assembled, and I was documenting. Then this picture happened. It sort of said to me, "Just keep working on it and it will get done". Definitely a builder moment!   :-)

3/11/2010   Picture 87

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