By Date Alphabetical
Strakes and fuel system - 1/6/2007
 - 3/4/2008Aileron cable
Retract hydraulics - 3/11/2010Aileron cable system
Retract Dump Valve Handle - 3/11/2010Ailerons and Rudders
Wiring channels along the keel - 4/7/2010Brake lines
Fuselage rollover - 1/30/2011Canard installation
Landing light lens - 4/11/2011Canard trailing edge issue
Gear doors, part 1 - 4/11/2011Control stick pivot assembly mod
Gear doors, part 2 - molds - 7/16/2011Cowling & Wings
Paint booth and painting - 3/13/2012Cowling & Wings, cont.
Oil in air compressor lines - 2/6/2018Door, finger-grip cutout (exterior)
Ailerons and Rudders - 2/6/2018Elevator center bearing modification
Wing storage on ceiling - 2/6/2018Engine air plenum turning vanes
Cowling & Wings - 2/20/2018Engine cooling plenum
Wing stand - it's adjustable! - 2/22/2018Engine, mounting
Cowling & Wings, cont. - 2/23/2018Exhaust pipe openings
WingCo wing - issue at cowling - 2/23/2018Firewall, stainless steel
Engine, mounting - 4/1/2018Fuel system
Aileron cable system - 4/11/2018Fuel system vent lines
Aileron cable - 4/23/2018Fuselage rollover
Control stick pivot assembly mod - 4/29/2018Gear doors, part 1
Keel, mid-keel access cover - 5/1/2018Gear doors, part 2 - molds
Rudder cable installation - 5/13/2018Gear retract electrical system
Firewall, stainless steel - 5/14/2018Glare shield
Tools: Pastry bag for a structural bead - 5/21/2018Instrument panel
Winglet canoe installation - 7/8/2018Keel, forward access cover
Door, finger-grip cutout (exterior) - 8/7/2018Keel, mid-keel access cover
Brake lines - 8/11/2018Landing light lens
Fuel system - 8/11/2018Nose access door latch
Fuel system vent lines - 9/3/2018Oil in air compressor lines
Engine cooling plenum - 10/29/2018Paint booth and painting
Tools: Jig for cutting a straight line - 1/29/2019Retract Dump Valve Handle
Instrument panel - 1/29/2019Retract hydraulics
Glare shield - 1/29/2019Retract plumbing
Keel, forward access cover - 1/29/2019Rudder cable installation
Exhaust pipe openings - 1/29/2019Strakes and fuel system
Engine air plenum turning vanes - 2/10/2019Tools: Pastry bag for a structural bead
Canard installation - 2/10/2019Tools: Airplane wing stands
Canard trailing edge issue - 2/18/2019Tools: Jig for cutting a straight line
Tools: Airplane wing stands - 8/5/2019Wing stand - it's adjustable!
Retract plumbing - 8/5/2019Wing storage on ceiling
Nose access door latch - 8/9/2019WingCo wing - issue at cowling
Gear retract electrical system - 8/11/2019Winglet canoe installation
Elevator center bearing modification - 8/15/2019Wiring channels along the keel